Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Equality in Careers?

Everybody can not be interested in physics, maths or biology. Parents often want their children to go to a particular profession. But contrary to their desire their children want to go to an entirely different area. Children’s interests are very important in choosing the right career.

In this age when jobs are getting scarce day by day in academics, engineering, medicine and business, or such similar traditional areas, due to greater competition, it is becoming a vicious circle of sorts when donations work and a student becomes an engineer or a doctor after paying a heavy fee in a private institution. 

Does one’s inclination, liking or passion should have a role in choosing career.  Absolutely it must have a close relationship. Career should not be just to earn money, it should be something you can enjoy, work harder day and night still not tired because you like it. Look at film stars and media guys, they love their job, because most often than not they go there by their choice. These are domains where your interest counts a lot, you need some inclination before you are in. Many of them are not making big money but still they are there and do well, and they love it.

You should not consider a career as better, respectable, bad or below dignity, any more. I have problem with this equation. A job you do is a job, it is a job which do well, with sound skills and hard work, and you like it. A shoe maker, yes I am, I make great shoes, shoes which everyone runs after, they are durable. 

A tailor stitches your clothes and you like it, you respect him for his work. If you do not, it is your problem, the problem lies with you! Now we have in this world highly respectable fashion designers, chefs, tailors, hair dressers who have big names they are big brands. You ought to recognize and respect their skills and capabilities. Therefore, everyone who excels in his/her profession and job should be a contender to find place on page three.

So the issue is not education alone, but your skills, strengths and commitments to what you like and like to do and be happy. Now a days, if you like driving and want to be on wheel, there are transporting agencies which have high-tech trucks and need skilled drivers! Wonder at it! If I was young I would have liked to be a truck driver in the USA where drivers get all facilities and are paid well. (I would have got my binoculars and camera all the time and photographed wildlife while on a mission). Worried about hazards? Are there no hazards driving your own car!

It is absolutely important that parents nurture their children’s natural strengths and allow them to grow and multiply and take a profession or job they want to do. This is the only way when we will make things respectable to everyone. This class thinking in professions must go! 

In organisations, there are bigger and brighter fishes which swim most often to more greener pastures to feed, though the ecosystem is balanced by schools of insignificant fish. So the importance lies in the value of a person what he does and contributes. 

This problem lies at several places but, I believe, we must change the opportunities' spectrum for younger generation by some kind of efforts to harmonize a sense of equality of what the other person is and he/she does; the only question is how good that person is in his or her job. And, all endeavors should be directed in this direction!

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