Health & Wellness

This Section is under development. 

Interested Organizations/Academic Institutions/Industry  with any specific project proposal (s) in this area may contact the Blogger.

Organizations willing to share information on available career opportunities and vacancies at any level are welcome to network and collaborate with this Blog by sharing link (s) to the actual web pages of the organizations’ listing of vacancies, and other detailed information.
Available opportunities for 'research fellowships', 'scholarships', 'project positions', 'regular positions' can also be covered through suitable links.
Institutions, Universities and Industry can use the opportunity by simply providing a brief of the opportunity and a link to your web pages, on this 'BLOG'.

The link will remain available till the last date of the application, giving candidates opportunity to return to the website.

The opportunities shall be covered under the four separate categories:

·Government organizations

·Private organizations


·International organizations

The facility for networking is available only in the area of: 'Nature, Heath & Wellness industry'. 
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