Saturday, July 12, 2014

Wind Energy Can Power Your Career Soar Higher!

While browsing the Internet I found a company which immediately attracted my attention and interest because it is a global leader in the wind energy sector. I believe harnessing non-conventional energy sources should be a global priority and we ought to do everything to achieve it. The reason is obvious: their absolute safety to environment.

If you are interested in a career in this sector then read on.

Wind fascinates me and I believe most people who love nature. During the hot summer you want to occupy a place near the source of cold wind, be a under-tree shady place (a mango tree! Because the mango season is on), a desert cooler, or in an air conditioned room. The early days 'desert coolers' emitting gust of cold wind are being replaced by air conditioners in upper middle class homes. 

Frequent power cuts leave one to think of alternative sources of energy to replace coal derived energy. There is a very strong reason that stands out in favor of wind and solar energy. The reason is their non-polluting nature.

In several  parts of the world where people are starved of adequate electricity to power their homes and for other uses, wind energy is a good source that is available for free, day and night. What is lacking for their use is lack of interest of the governments and the society in general.

What the nature keeps hidden in its bowels as fossil fuels (coal, gas and oil), we are zealous to dig out at great cost to people risking their lives and environmental pollution and climate change for producing energy. But they will not do (or do very little) to produce energy from the wind knocking right at their doors, a clean source of energy.

Wind energy though available in plenty is used by fewer countries than what it could be used otherwise. I believe, we should assign some kind of wisdom index to the use of wind energy or other non-conventional or alternative sources of energy, to those countries and companies which are striving hard to adopt non-conventional energy sources. 

Like, if a country is using those unconventional sources of solar or wind sources to harness their energy, you can call them "Friends of Earth" countries. Similarly companies which are in this business of non-polluting energy sources are also "Friends of Earth”.

It is in this context that when I read about Suzlon Group, a company which had started in Pune in India in 1995, attracted my attention. The company is now world’s fifth largest wind turbine supplier. Suzlon is now having business in several parts of the world. It is spread in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, North and South Americas. It has installed 24,200 MW wind energy capacity installed operating across 30 countries on the planet.

Wind power has been used for centuries but its use for electricity generation is new as this generation has increase several fold.

Suzlon powered wind mills in Jaisalmer, Rajsthan, India

According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), in the US, the installed wind energy capacity was under 3000 MW in 2000. It has grown to 35000 MW now which is enough to power 97,00000 homes. In the US wind power generating capacity has grown 39 percent per year from 2004 to 2009 and this is expected to grow even faster as demand increases. This trend should be attractive to India, where there is a shortage of power in several parts of the country. 

The wind power largely remains untapped in India. I am surprised as to why a leader company in wind power existing in the country, Suzlon remains largely untapped locally in India.

The sector of clean energy like solar and wind needs greater focus. Those aspiring a career in these sector have very good opportunities in a variety of jobs: research and development, installation and maintenance. 

Currently, Suzlon has career opportunities for a variety of positions in India, and its subsidiaries in Brazil, China, Europe North and South America. Visit those links and search for jobs of your interest. 

Working and contributing to green sectors of industries like wind energy is an opportunity, a challenge and a mission for those who want to make the planet safe!