Monday, June 1, 2015

Career Selection: A Nature's Conservation Perspective

Everyone young or old has a desire for a bright future. But, not everyone has all the motivation, derive and the energy needed to build a career heading to a bright future.

What ultimately builds your career is your inner strength, passion and energy. If you lack these forces or are not able to properly work for building these inner forces, the chances to brighten your future are few and limited.

Success is determined by the power associated with a position, a high end salary you earn and the quality of work environment you have. A swanky office and the page three elites you move with are symbols of your power and position. This is what you had wanted?

But, on the contrary, such careers for money and power are waste of time and hollow enterprise. What you are ultimately doing will be to make profits, acquire more money, travel wide to every possible corner of the world. Would your career give you an opportunity to benefit people and the nature?

I will like to advocate for careers that directly or indirectly contribute to conservation of nature, provide help and relief to people and educate people to take right decisions regarding the environment.

A good career is one when at the end of it you feel you have done a great job because it has not affected environment and nature. Whatever work you did has contributed to building a healthy society.

For example, a high career spent in promoting useless and harmful products, which only deteriorate health of people, I believe, you can not be proud of that career.

The money you earned might have got you a costly flat, bungalow or may be a mansion where you might feel ashamed you promoted hazardous materials, or your decisions ruthlessly cleared forests of their majesty, or you promoted industries of no long-term benefits to nature.

I believe, honest and sincere NGOs have a great role in employing people for environment-friendly careers. You can see over last decades several types of industries closed because they were hazardous from current standards. If the present standards had existed at those times those very industries would have not come at the first place.

The real job or career is one in which you are involved in working for the improvement of quality of life of people in the society (country) you are in, in dealing with issues of oppression of people, exploitation of nature and environment, in bringing equality and justice to people.

More people need to be engaged in these pursuits, as volunteers, as managers and the CEOs of NGOs, as writers, advocates, as politicians and pressure groups.

Building career as a societal objective is the concept that I will personally vouch for because this will ultimately give you a great deal of satisfaction, it will inhibit all your desires for exploitation of others through your career mission and will ultimately build a society that we ultimately very much need.

Often we hear people talking of corruption and oppression, though their careers are engages are nothing but driving profit from exploitation, oppression and misuse of nature.

A career objective should be neat and clean, not necessarily idealistic. It does not mean you are aspiring to become a saint in your profession.

The idea is that you should aim to aspire high objectives and standards and serve is no contradiction to the ultimate goal to preserve and conserve nature. 'I will do nothing that harms nature' attitude come what may!.

Crowds reeling behind their leaders aimlessly and without any regret of what they are doing is a kind of slavery. There is need for constant introspect of the self and everything around us.

It is necessary to judge the compatibility of what is happening around to the purpose, need and if it is fulfilling the objective of building a healthy and judicious society and systems that are compatible to the mother nature.

I believe all careers must ultimately work directly or indirectly for the conservation of the mother nature. A nature's conservation perspective is what we must look into if we love the nature. You can ignore these views if you don't like them.