Sunday, July 8, 2012

Moonlight Through the Woods on a Night

Moonlight through the woods on a night
Reading newspapers and watching news sometimes is a painful experience, because what we see and listen is not what we had wished for.

A doctor, engineer, public servant or any professional or businessperson is found involved in corruption, he  is caught and or jailed. Similarly, in some instances someone educated and experienced is found involved in crime of one or the other sort and have to face the consequences!

Had such people some vision at some stage to realise that what they had been doing, or involved in, and if had avoided such acts, would have been free from the consequences of those wrongdoings. Most educated people would probably know the difference between the right and wrong, and can avoid it. But compulsion of power and greed blind senses, and if such people lack strong  values and self respect, they lose the balance and become victims. A little advantage (a carrot?) is too motivating to them to follow anyone just for small or big  gains.

This above context is related to career. Did those people  adopt a career to meet such an end? No, they deserved better future because they were bright minds, they had secured high marks in qualifying and competitive examinations, were always first to raise hands in class, they were good presenters and managers, or what not. But they lacked one very fundamental need for a human being: sincerity to job, its requirements, that is, service to organisation, their nation, society, to their family and friends. And all this in true sense!

We tend to live in double standards: our religious and cultural ethos teach us values, sacrifice; our education teaches us to be great people by practicing the ethics of profession in letter and spirit. But in practice we side with people who breach rules, please the bosses, are on the side of powerful lobbies, make money and live in high standards. In this world we talk of high economy, high earnings, high living standards. In the same world we talk of sustainable development, equitable distribution, carbon audit, concern for wastage of food, high living  standards in few countries, and high living by few in poor and developing countries. Some loose balance of mind, and fall prey.

Development in any way, of science, technology, innovation, industrial growth, etc are good but can not be allowed if they affect environment, risk to human life, to our ecosystems, our biodiversity, ethics, and fundamentals of human freedom, dignity, life etc. Similarly individuals can progress in their career, make ,advancements in life if they follow the ethics of their profession, rules of land, and contribute to their organisations, country and the society.

For any one, especially for younger minds stepping into their career,  what should be the guidelines: always follow the basic rules, respect the laws of land, and never break them, be sincere to the requirements of a true citizen of the country and never ever flout them come what may, follow the requirements of the profession as per the required code of conduct.

When you plan a career money, power and position, lust for unhealthy competition (if competition is for better performance and effectiveness in your job it is ok, but if it is related to how you can get over it by any means like by following unhealthy practices, a group or coterie of powerful people, by bribing, by approaching power lobbies, it makes no sense; in the later case it is better to be a slow wormin than a jumping frog, for one will have to pay for this favour to the mentor today or tomorrow.

The above note is just to remind youngsters that education is to build you as useful, efficient, successful human beings in whatever profession you chose, and to be always fair and just in your life no matter what ever are the circumstances. So if you follow this principle in life you will be able to fight out geed and lust of power. But excuse me you may not become an empty rich man boasting his estate and gadgets.

If those powerful people had instead of taking the route of sycophancy, power, greed had sacrificed all this  for sincerity in service, performance, honesty, they would have not been where they are today. Many a time some professions require manipulating abilities, communication abilities to out smart competitors. It is better to say no to such careers where we have to lose our values as a good and humble human beings.

These  personal thoughts I believe are like 'moonlight through the woods on a night', but one can ignore them if not convinced!

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